ASTEC joins Rublon Partner Network

Have you ever wondered how energy distributors or telecoms manage their infrastructure? There is a special category of software for that and it’s called GIS, which stands for “geographic information system”. Our new partner ASTEC creates GIS solutions that are being used by electric utility providers, gas distributors and telecommunication companies. ASTEC also provides real-time location systems based on RTLS. As you can imagine, most of ASTEC’s clients come from the enterprise sector.

ASTEC will be using Rublon to implement secure authentication into its software products and the systems it builds for clients.

See-Me joins Rublon Parter Network

We’re happy to announce a new member of the Rublon Partner Network.

See-Me is a web agency from Poland that builds websites, online stores, ranks them in search engines through SEO and AdWords and also produces graphic designs and video animations. See-Me’s developers and designers have worked with corporations since over 10 years, which puts them amongst the most attractive professionals in Europe.

See-Me has already helped several of its clients with WordPress security by installing Rublon on their websites. In all cases, every employee’s account has been protected with two-factor authentication by leveraging the Rublon Business API.

AMIMOTO AMI joins Rublon Partner Network

You can have the most engaging website in the world, but if it’s too slow, then you won’t succeed. Choosing a fast WordPress hosting platform that adapts to your needs is crucial. Our new partner AMIMOTO AMI is a solution you should seriously consider for your WordPress-based website.

AMIMOTO AMI offers high performance WordPress hosting. It’s based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, which makes it highly scalable to meet high traffic demands. AMIMOTO AMI supports HHVM, Nginx Reverse Proxy Cache, MySQL tuning, is available in 9 global datacenters, has a durable CDN and utilizes S3 for unlimited media uploads.

AMIMOTO AMI cares not only about speed and scalability, but also puts a big emphasis on security. That is why Rublon for WordPress now comes preinstalled with every WordPress installation that is powered by AMIMOTO AMI.

Rublon Partner Network launches

At Rublon we value parterships a lot. Authentication only makes sense when it’s used in conjunction with a party that wants to verify your identity. That is why we focus so much on ease of integration with popular software solutions. Our WordPress two-factor authentication plugin has been rated many times as the easiest to use two-factor solution available for this content management system. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we noticed agencies and web hosting companies integrating Rublon with all their clients’ WordPress websites by default. This led us to think how we could strengthen those relationships.

Today we are launching the Rublon Partner Network with six partners that we will be introducing to you in upcoming blog posts. If you’re a web hosting company or agency, would like to help your clients stay secure while increasing revenues, you should become a Rublon Partner.

Benefits of joining the Rublon Partner Network:

  • Increase revenues by helping your clients stay secure
  • Increase trust by communicating how much you value security
  • Develop expertise and stand out from the competition
  • Gain access to Rublon Partner Priority Support

If you want to become a Rublon Partner, please get in touch with us (