Rublon Two-Factor Authentication for Magento now available

We are happy to inform you that Rublon Two-Factor Authentication now fully supports the Magento e-commerce platform. The Rublon for Magento plugin is now available for download on Magento Connect. No configuration is required because Rublon works out of the box, which means that your store will be protected in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to Rublon, e-commerce companies based on Magento are now able to properly protect their confidential data. This is especially important when employees access your online store’s backend remotely. Use Rublon to regain full control over who accesses your store’s backend by leveraging the most advanced two-factor authentication technology available.

Running an e-commerce business comes with great responsibility. Thousands of pieces of information about clients, employees and strategy are in your hands. Every second, someone is trying to steal valuable data from companies around the world in order to use it for competitive purposes or to sell it on the black market. Botnets are a plague because their brute force attacks destabilise hundreds of e-commerce applications every single day. By using millions of common passwords and letter/number combinations, they try to break through any valuable login form they encounter — like for example your store’s backend. Once inside, they install malicious code that infects your customers with malware. If this happens, your brand gets damaged and it’s not easy to rebuild trust.

Protecting your online store with two-factor authentication by Rublon will significantly lower the risk of losing control over who has access to your business data. Placing the Rublon Badge on your pages will also build trust with your customers who see that you go the extra mile to protect their privacy.

Download Rublon Two-Factor Authentication for Magento now to protect your e-commerce business in just a few minutes. Please note that the free Rublon Personal API supports only 1 protected account. More accounts can be protected after upgrading to the Rublon Business API, which starts at only $29/year.